How to Handle a Work Compensation Case

Workers do not plan on injuring themselves at job sites, offices, or stores, but accidents do happen. If you suffered an injury at work, you may be unsure about the next steps to take.

Consulting with your employer about filing a workers’ compensation claim is a good place to start. If their response, however, is not to your liking, you may need to take additional measures to protect yourself.

Below is the best way to handle a workers’ comp case, if your employer is putting up barriers to your filing and receiving a claim.

Hire a Top Lawyer

Consulting with an attorney using or another resource is the first step. You must have excellent representation, as your employer likely has multiple lawyers who can handle such a case.

Start by explaining the circumstances around your injury to the attorney. Tell them everything that happened without omitting or embellishing details.

When your lawyer has a full accounting of the incident, they can inform you of your chances at a successful claim.

Document Evidence

There should be a paper trail around every part of this incident, starting from the injuries you suffered to your filing a claim at work. Include pictures and videos of your injuries, copies of your medical report that mentions any treatment you received, and proof of your submitting a workers’ comp claim with your employer.

Such evidence is invaluable if your case goes to mediation or a court trial. Having all the proof of what you are saying will strengthen your chances of securing a favorable settlement.

Avoid Embellishing Your Story

There is a temptation in a workers’ compensation case to try and talk up the accident or injuries you sustained. Do not do that under any circumstances.

Be entirely honest with your lawyer, when you file your claim, and during mediation sessions, or when you are in front of a judge in court. Any lie would only harm your chances of securing a high settlement.